Innovation is the edge.

Meet the Indicators

All BaconTrading indicators are innovative custom codes and ideas.
The result of years of dedicated full-time Day-Trading and coding.
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A list of all BaconTrading Codes:

Auto Cycled VWAP
Volume Flow
Tape Volume
Pattern Standard Deviation

24 Hour Advance Decline Index

Market Cycle Tension
Market Cycle Decay
Market Cycle Momentum

Cumulative New Extremes
Rolling continuous self-cycled VWAP
Market Physics-O-Meter
Trapped Orders
Portfolio Orders

Equity Buy Sell orders

Daily Equity Average Position

Daily Gap Physics analysis
Index associated Volume
Tape Volume (Tape Reader)
MTF Range Analysis heat map
Option Premium Support & Resistance
MTF Auto Trend detection and Trend lines
NYSE Inversion (Squeeze indicator)
Core Sector Breadth (Advance Decline)
Fractal Price Compression filter
Auto MTF Expansion Bar Price Targets
S&P500 Market Trio Arbitrage (Long term)
Volume Effectiveness Profile
Market Unchanged Stocks Flow
VWAL (Volume weighted average location)
Market Put/Call Volume balance
Overnight Statistical Market Internals ( $ADDC )
Basic Price Shape Compression filter
Broad Market Cross sectional map
Price Frequencies
Regressive Fractal Accumulator (Dynamic ZigZag accumulator)
Comparing Symbol Frequencies (Spectral filter)
Random Price and Volume pattern simulation
Time based volume and Price Standard Deviation
Conditionally Dynamic Length EMA
Broad Market Neutral Noise
Cycle wave compression
Volume Breadth Momentum
Basic tick entry cycles
Day’s retail entry balance


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