Innovation is the edge.


The pursuit of gains inherently burdens one to adhere to an understanding of equity. I believe that most people are capable of achieving this goal while at the same time are blissfully naive to the high tax this journey will impose on their hearts. Keep in mind, most traders fail because the journey was an overwhelming experience and discovered they weren’t ready to change. We have deep scars that will never heal and memories that wont fade. So, deeply consider if your loved ones are ready, then consider if you are. I am going to briefly explain how so many fail and how communities are damaged by focusing on value. Following this I’ll propose a simple definition for equity. Then I will conclude by suggesting a way that you can help manage addictive ideas in order to improve your odds of success.

The required information necessary to develop one’s understanding of equity is almost exclusively incomplete. So, creative and capable participants are always developing tools to help manage the risk or reduce the impact from partial information. They want to share and monetize their work and ideas which motivates a theatrical stage of ideas competing for enough popularity to become the next Holy Grail work-around for missing information. The money flows in and results in a secondary market that supports the proprietors of the ideas which generate popularity, and this is the moment where their focus moves away from equity and onto value. Value is set by how much consumers are willing to pay and is a function of perception. So, naturally, participants are constantly pushed to consume marketing content that has been dressed up to impersonate credible information portraying value as equity. Repeated exposure causes the mere-exposure effect and participants accept the core deceptive concept: Obtaining Higher Value = Obtaining Higher Gains. And the participants become consumers. So many clever and brilliant individuals fail because they destroy their capitol faster than they can acquire a sufficient understanding of equity because their losses got faster paying for high value and their learning got slower consuming bad information.

This is not going to be a comprehensive exploration of equity. I intend to establish basic structure for equity to provide a starting point and a compass to filter future information. Now let me suggesting two game theory concepts: Negative Sum Game & Positive Sum Game.
Neg) In a negative sum game between two players, a win by one player is a loss for the other.
Pos) In a positive sum game between two players, a win for one player is also a win for the other player.
Now consider:
Neg) Fear accompanies a negative sum game
Pos) Trust between players accompanies a positive sum game.
Neg) A negative sum game has a fixed value which is passed back and forth between players who feel fear towards one another.
Pos) A positive sum game has equity which increases as players participate and players trust one another and work together.

Equity is trust. Trust is the opposite of fear. Remember, value is perception and can change based on perception. Equity is trust and can only increase when everyone can win. Equity’s main mechanic is economic growth – the system as a whole results in more or less. Value’s main mechanic is transfer – the system as a whole results in the same.

Now if you’re struggling to cope with addictive behaviors. I don’t have the answers, I’m not a professional who deals with that. But, I like knowing how I deal with addiction and I’ve done this a few times and I know the shady crap I do to try and get what I want. And recognizing those behaviors when I’m taking on risk is a big heads up to needing to sit on hands.
Do you really wanna see how you cope?

Alright, you’re still reading so try this:
1) cut Carbohydrates and Sugar for 4 days. No bread, non.
2) On day 2 and 3 you will begin coping with addiction.
3) Take notes for what events / people Trigger you to crave
4) Take notes on how you try to prepare yourself to give into a craving.

You’ll do sneaky complex things to try and get what you want, take notes. If you can face yourself and know yourself then catching bad choices before they happen is much easier. Neglecting to face yourself is rooted in fear and will damage your ability to regulate yourself in the future.

Fiber cancels carbs.
(Carbs – Fiber) < 4%
Sugar <2%
Bread = 0

And if you want to lose some weight eat a bunch of fat while you do it.