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Decay Retest Entry

Visit the Trade Journal page to check how I’ve done trading the Decay Retest entries.

The Decay Retest entry is a system of scalping small consistent profits from an index. It has been specifically designed to trade the ES future contract. While the indicators should be compared to the SPY.

Indicators used in the entry system

Root Indicators:
Momentum Decay
Cumulative New Extremes

Supportive Indicators:
Volume Flow
Market Momentum
Trapped Orders

Basic setup:
1) Market Decay retests a pivot levels
2) Cumulative New Extremes shows new extremes in the same direction
3) fill an order

ES Points: Risk 0.75  Reward 1.00


Example Entry for Decay Retest Entry.


Further notes:
This type of entry works best when the support indicators show a supportive market condition.