This marks out on the ES where the important events occurred.

In general, there was an expectation of a rebound after the ES had a signal day free fall of around 160 points. 

Remember: the live charts tab will get you to live charts with many of these indicators during the trading day and Overnight.

A) Portfolios filled orders all the way down.
Looking for when the Portfolios finish filling orders for the recoil


A) SPY Tested and Bounced off the Arbitrage Pivot (at about 260). indicating slow down.



B) Portfolios were not confidently or aggressively filling orders.
This indicated the market has done moving down. But unclear about when the market would bottom out.


C) Market Decay Set up an entry after a market had pushed back down.
(Retests a significant level + New Supportive Cumulative Extremes)


C) Decay Entry caused Market Volume Flow to change character. That shows the Broad NYSE Market – all the stocks – were effected by a momentum entry.

D) Market Orders set up a large Positive divergence.
After seeing the Broad market begin to change, this indicated there was now also Aggressive Buying on the ES.

E) Trapping in Broad market Short orders to pay for the move.
Everything was set up and the market trapped in some shorts. These are an EXCELLENT trigger point on entries. (ONLY if there’s an entry you need trapped orders for)

F) Market Rallied up to the high – Market Sentiment Continued to strongly lean on price supporting with positive pressuring. This shows continued demand for ES


F) Broad Market across the NYSE stocks – New Highs pushed the Market Cycle Decay through it’s resistance points and to new highs with no resistance.

G) Market Volume Flow was supportive the whole move up.